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This is a very special coffee, it comes from Three farms located in Inza - Cauca, we have been giving a lot of attention to these producers, specially because they are so small that it is very hard to get a Estate coffee out of this region, instead what we have done is to characterize their farms according to their cup profile and location, so we could achieve this incredible micro lot for the Australian market, the result is great and the relationship keeps getting stronger every time we visit Inza. CROP DEL MONTE in Colombia has maintained a direct relationship with these farmers and has had the opportunity to talk one to one with them, this is how we learned more about their current situation, including little issues and expectations. These farms have a lot of potential and we want to provide the help they need to improve things. There is availability all year and its amounts are considerable.

This lot was carefully harvested, then it was cupped and separated according to the specific profile we were looking for. Inza has been known for producing very interesting coffees, however, most of what is exported is the result of a mixture, which only focuses quantity instead of quality. We are very proud to be able to select and import what Inza is know for and we are going to make you all part of it. 

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Village: Turmina, La Manga, Santa Teresa, San Andres Varietal: Tipica, Caturra and Colombia
Processing: Washed and Sun Dry
Altitude: 1750 to 1858 masl