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Nariño is located in the south of Colombia, right in the border with Ecuador, this farm is located in Pasto, from the village called Buesaco, one of the best producing regions in Colombia and where most of the best Cup of Excellence coffees come from.

This farm is very close to the Volcano Galeras, one of the only ones still active in Colombia, with very nutritional soils, which belong at the same time to the Andes.

We have been lucky enough to meet coffee producers from this region and to create a direct relationship with them, there have been many emails, skype conversations and phone calls between us, in order to coordinate this micro lot.

There are approximately 5 ha producing 100% Caturra, this year’s crop was considered excellent by the Federation of Coffee Growers in Colombia, reaching the position 18th with a score of 88.06 in the regional contest, we have been able to select the best 600 Kg of Specialty coffee in parchment, with the option to secure the next crop in 2014. Fortunately the owners are happy with our relationship and the premium for quality that we paid, that offered to secure the next crop specially for CROP DEL MONTE.

During harvest time, this farm becomes a source of income for 40 women who take care of their homes by themselves, Doña Martha is looking at a Rainforest certification, at the moment they do not use any chemicals in order to have a clean production, it also has trees that give shade to the coffee plantations and wild forests, which enhances the fruitiness in the aroma and fragrance of this coffee. 

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