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This is one of our estate coffees from Huila, the Finca La Perdiz from the village Villa Maria, is located in a small town called Iquira. The farm has 12 ha where only 3 ha are coffee plantations (16000 trees aproximately), everything else is Banana, grass and natural forest. Its owner is Don Angel A. Almario, who has been part of this region all his life came with his wife more than 30 years ago, with the illusion of creating a better life, he has supported his five children thanks to his hard work in the farm, now he is back at the farm with his wife just like at the beginning because his children are all grown up and have their own lives somewhere else. This has not been a good job according to what he related to us, there have been real hard times due to weather conditions, lack of help from the government and the low prices of coffee in the past years, but the good work has always been there and he still puts all his effort to send out the best crop every time. Located 2 hours away from the main city Neiva, he says that eventhough he knows everything about this farm, he does not know where his crop ends, he used to sell it to the one that pays best, but never had a direct contact with a client or a final consumer, he did not know what his coffee tasted like at that time.

The best crop comes from March to June, where he calculates a production of 4.5 tonnes of parchment and according to our previous experience we calculate close to 2.5 tonnes of green beans of specialty coffee from this single farm. There are other small harvests happening at the end of the year from November to January, but it is not very significant and it is sold locally.

We are very excited with this new relationship created and will do our best effort to keep a very good consistency all year round 

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Owner: Angel Alberto Almario Polania Region: Iquira / Huila
Village: Villa Maria
Certificaciones: 4C

Elevación: 1400 to 1600
Variedad: 50% Castillo and 50% Colombia
Processing: hand picked, traditional fermentation in tanks, washed and sun dried.