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This Finca is located in Salento Quindio, with altitudes that vary from 1800 to 2000 m.a.s.l. Which enables different growing conditions as well as different profiles in the cup. The harvesting happens mainly in the first semester, however, due to the climate changes, there are significant periods of harvesting in the second semester.

This farm is owned by the brothers Cesar and Mauricio Ruiz, in our visit we were very excited to see the amount of work and care that has been put into the Finca Bella Vista, the field is categorized by variety, altitude and age of the crop. We had the pleasure to walk through the plantations that were producing as well as the ones that are about to produce in the next months and it is very promising what we are about to get in future harvests. This farm is certified Rainforest and 4C, it is very small and it employs from 16 to 20 pickers during harvest time, the classification of the cherries happens at the house before the processing. Ripe cherries are processed all together on the same day they are harvested, the skin is mechanically removed as well as the mucilage (This processing starts at around 5:00pm, after a long day of picking and selecting). All the different types collected are processed separately in order to create micro lots. After the skin and pulp are removed, all the beans are dropped in tanks with a small amount of water where they are left in fermentation for 12 hours (This stage varies from farm to farm), on the next day from 4:30 am to 6:30 am, the wet beans are slightly rinsed to remove residue, later they are taken to the roof of the house, where the beans are 100% sun dried, this process takes from one to two weeks, it all depends on the weather's conditions, they believe that drying process gives better results when it is done slowly. This is the typical washed process done in Colombia, some farms apply small changes in times of fermentation or the amount of water used.

Cesar and Camilo are very organized, they have records with dates, times and shifts for all the harvesting and processing. This is done in order to maintain a traceability of everything, this is our most valuable guarantee and it is what motivates us to improve our relationship and to assure quality overseas. There are close to 20 families that benefit from this farm during harvesting.

Mauricio Ruiz owns another two farms in a town called Cordoba - Quindio, which we will keep an eye on for the next harvesting period. 

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Varietal: Caturra, Colombia and Castillo    

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